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A partnership with myEnergyLoan™ can be a powerful resource for your growing business in the new Green economy.  As a myEnergyLoan™ Provider you wield a distinct advantage over your competition...

Our comprehensive training program and loan certification process sets you apart as a knowledgeable and authentic Greenj0438805 lending professional who creates value for your clients.

Our sales model is designed to gain myEnergyLoan Providers access to new business channels through differentiation. 

Our private label marketing materials can be tailored for your presentations to clients or prospective referral partners.

Our broad network has established relationships and can help promote your business through new connections.

Our well established market presence affords us the regular opportunity to refer borrowers seeking green loans to your approved originators for qualification.

myEnergyLoan™ is committed to the promotion of Energy Efficiency and Green Building programs across the US.  Our objective is to support your efforts and provide the tools and resources that enable a successful venture into the Green Marketplace.  Working together we will deliver energy efficient mortgage products to consumers and ensure both of our organizations achieve financial success while protecting the environment and supporting local communities.


Becoming a member is easy – simply call or email our office today and we can discuss our approval process and answer any questions you have about our program.

Join the shift to a green economy and transform your business…

"myEnergyLoan changed my world!!!  From the very day that I signed my local provider agreement, my business, pipeline, attitude, and life were all changed for the better…  We have leveraged the program to become AZ's largest "green" lender.  We have aligned ourselves with everyone from Eco-Brokers to solar contractors and provided financing for everything from green homes to PV solar systems and everything in between.  We have been asked to speak at green events across the state and beyond and have tripled our production in both units and total dollars!!!  To anyone thinking about becoming a myEnergyLoan provider, my only question is "what are you thinking about?"  The green market place doubles every six months - every month you wait, the movement is passing you by.  Sign up as a myEnergyLoan provider now and thank me later."

- Jim Tulin Sr. Loan Officer/Green Lending Specialist Nova Home Loans


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