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How do I qualify for the full 1% closing cost credit?
Since our incentive is linked to your home energy performance, if you improve your building performance by 100% then you qualify for the full 1% closing-cost credit.  Net zero energy buildings always receive the maximum credit.
What if my energy efficiency improvements are more modest than that?
It does not matter if your energy efficiency improvements are minor or major you will always receive a reward for going green with myEnergyLoan.  Your incentive reward will be matched directly to your increase in energy efficiency.
Which mortgage products are eligible for the myEnergyLoan efficiency credit?
The myEnergyLoan efficiency credit works with virtually any loan product, including the EEM, EIM, and several other home renovation loan products.  This means you will receive our efficiency credit in addition to the traditional benefits of an Energy Efficient Mortgage or Energy Improvement Mortgage.
Can I get a new home construction loan as a myEnergyLoan?
Yes! myEnergyLoan providers typically offer construction loan options for new green home construction.  While these products are more difficult to qualify for today our providers continue to seek the best available terms in the market for new green construction.
Can I get a renovation loan as a myEnergyLoan?
Yes - when the renovation is a greenovation!  We especially love these loans and can offer many options for borrowers seeking to fund their energy improvements through their mortgage.  HINT: funding your greenovation through your mortgage is typically the most cost-effective way to improve your home.
Can a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) also qualify as a myEnergyLoan?
Yes! Most myEnergyLoan providers offer this valuable product.  HELOC's are a great way to fund your greenovation and since they are tied to the PRIME lending rate, this is a relatively inexpensive way to fund your improvements.

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