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Why is myEnergyLoan™ the best Green Loan program in America?

Because when you choose to work with a myEnergyLoan™ Provider you have access to resources and benefits other brokers and lenders do not offer…

We reward your responsible choice...  Whether you are improving the energy efficiency of your home or buying / living in a home that is already green, our lending partners offer a valuable loan product that rewards energy efficiency. The savings you realize from the combination of our efficiency credit and the green features of your home will provide true value that will last for years.


We save you money...  Qualifying properties will receive a myEnergyLoan™ credit for their efficiency. This credit can be used to pay for additional efficiency upgrades, an interest rate buy down, or a closing cost credit. You also receive a certificate validating your myEnergyLoan™ Efficiency Credit at the closing of your green loan.

We give you options...  we understand you are an individual. Like many borrowers you may find a lack of clear information on energy efficient mortgages or be limited in your choices for financing. The myEnergyLoan™ efficiency incentive overlays all mortgage products freeing you to choose the loan that best suits your needs.

Signing_PaperworkOur partners are skilled professionals...  Our lending partners command a specialized knowledge of the green mortgage market. They are trained to help you select the right loan saving you time and money. You will also have access to our network of qualified service professionals – their expertise maximizes your savings and makes the greenovation process painless.

We share your values...  We understand that financial incentives are not the only consideration when you choose a lender. Our network of lenders and service providers are also companies that share your values. The myEnergyLoan™ network is comprised of other Triple Bottom Line companies that concern themselves with well being in our communities and the health of our planet.



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