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"Financing The Shift"

Jeff Cole, February 25, 2009
The term “Natural Capital” can be loosely defined as the all-encompassing value of our natural resources; Land, air, sea and life forms.  Over the years, the term “natural capital” has been defined, redefined and even undermined in ways that make a tree-hugger shudder and a venture capitalist drool.

Money is Getting Greener too

By Marilyn Kennedy Melia, January 13, 2008
You don’t see ads that read: “Spacious four-bedroom colonial, radon-free,with high-efficiency insulation and on-demand water heater.” But legislation, growth in “green” mortgages and environmental awarenesscould put those attributes in higher on shoppers’ lists.
Green loans: When Kirk Fox of Real Living Helios Realty gives seminars at the Chicago Public Library on energy-efficient homes, attendees want to know about the best improvements to make. “Then, when I mention there are special mortgages available, that’s the next thing they want to learn – how to pay for those improvements.”
Some lenders are rewarding buyers of newly constructed homes that meet certain energy standards a discount on closing costs. Bank of America, for instance, cuts its fees for underwriting by up to $1,000. Special “energy-efficient mortgages” sponsored by national mortgage agencies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have existed for years, but relatively few have been made.  That’s because they don’t offer discounts on rates or closing costs, says Jeff Cole, president of

Building Green

Jerry Grillo published, April 2008
A powerful movement toward sustainable new construction and renovation has homebuilders, contractors and homeowners buying in, lured by environmental concerns and a desire to cut utility bills. ...“To build green means you’re being responsible,” says Jeff Cole, creator of Atlanta-based myEnergyLoan, a national green-lending program that provides closing cost discounts and low interest rates for buyers of energy-efficient homes and home renovations."...

Jeff Cole

Commentary, January 2008
..."Did you know that there is such a thing as a NET ZERO ENERGY HOME - which means a home can actually produce as much energy as it consumes - with very little reliance on oil or gas? In fact, some homes today are considered to be NET POSITIVE ENERGY HOMES - because they produce more energy then they consume. Some of these homeowners actually get paid by their utility companies using a billing scheme called net-metering. Not all homes can achieve this rating, but most of them can. But with the markets so heavily capitalized in fossil fuels - a dying resource at best - we will never make significant positive progress with any of our crisis. Oil is our collective cancer. We have to shift from a fossil-fuel based economy to an Eco-Economy and greening your house is the most important way to engage in this shift - hence all the recent press on green building. Providing an energy loan is one way to facilitate this shift."...

Steve Baden / Jeff Cole

Introducing myEnergyLoan, April 1, 2008
This piece was an introductory piece posted by RESNET Director, Steve Baden.  RESNET is an incredibly important group and we support them every chance we get.
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