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The myEnergyLoan™ efficiency credit was designed as a simple and straightforward standard that can be easily applied to any mortgage loan product. Our incentive calibrates the current energy efficiency of your home or the efficiency gained through home improvements to the pricing of your home loan. The first step Checkboxin the process is loan registration. Once your registration is complete you will be eligible to receive the myEnergyLoan Efficiency Credit through any of the providers in our network.

For your convenience our Loan Registration form is located here on our website. If you prefer to speak to one of our representatives you can contact us directly and we will be happy to assist with your registration by phone or email.

The next step is to select a myEnergyLoan Provider and complete a loan application. They will advise you on loan products best suited to your specific needs. This might be a Conventional, Jumbo, FHA, or VA product. It could be one of the EEM or EIM products that provide incentives for energy efficiency or another product as needed.

One true advantage of the myEnergyLoan™ efficiency credit is that it can be applied to any loan product!

Next you will need to obtain an energy audit for your current home or the property you are purchasing. To qualify for our efficiency credit a HERS (Home Energy Ratings System) report or other generally accepted energy rating must be completed by a qualified home energy rater. Our Providers can guide you in the selection of a qualified rater and walk you through the process which is similar to obtaining a home appraisal report.

Once the home energy audit is complete you will need to review the recommended improvements to your home and decide which you would like to proceed with. This will determine the size of your credit and may influence which loan product is best for you.

From here you continue with the loan process until your loan is approved and your loan is ready for closing. We will work with your Provider and forward your myEnergyLoan certification to your closing verifying the credit you will receive.



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